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The gas prices just keep going up and up and up! How can you have a Chick Vacation if you can't afford to get anywhere? Check out these...

Travel that won't Break your Budget!

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The gas prices just keep going up and up and up! How can you have a Chick Vacation if you can't afford to get anywhere? Check out these two companies Megabus which is a bus company in the Midwest and 0n the west coast that offers fares starting at $1.00 and Skybus that is an airline with 10 seats starting at $10.

Megabus is part of coach buses and operates here in the United States in the Midwest through Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and now a stop in Memphis, TN. The reservations for seats on the bus do start at $1 for the first couple of seats and go up from there with many seats at the $10, and $20 range one way. One very nice thing about mega bus is that unlike Greyhound, Megabus may stop for a rest break but does not have local stop buses. If you have been on a greyhound you know exactly what I am talking about. Greyhound might have a bus that goes through Nebraska for example that stops in every small town which is why it is called a local bus through some states. On Megabus you will actually get to your location in about the same time it would take you to drive there but at only a fraction of the cost and no road rage on your part.

Mega bus is looking very good as a reliable source of travel since people have rave reviews of their experience and the fact that its destination list keeps expanding. You can look at their website at is a new airline that leaves out of smaller airports with hubs in Columbus, OH and Greensboro, NC. The idea behind Skybus is that 10 seats on every flight are $10. Prices do go up gradually from there but they have plenty of great deals to go around. Their planes are new full size Airbus A3119s. You are allowed to check 2 pieces of luggage for $10 each. 3 or more pieces of checked luggage would be $50 a piece. The thing that I like about Skybus is if you want priority seating all you have to pay is $12.50 to be able to get on the plane first and pick out a good seat for yourself. One thing to expect is that all beverages and snacks are at a cost. A soda will run you $2 and a meal is about $8. So hopefully you will not get thirsty.

Skybus has many destinations throughout the eastern seaboard, Midwest, and in California. Check out their beautifully laid out website that is very user friendly at
Even though gas prices are going up here are two other ways you can travel on a budget to get the important Chick Vacation in because we all need one!

Unfortunately I am updating this article to let you know that Skybus has closed down. I guess great things can not last forever!

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