Chick Vacations



Chick Vacations originally started in 2007 as a love of traveling and connecting with my besties!  As time went by many of my friends had children and traveling together is now on hiatus for awhile.

This site is a passion of love for traveling and finding those great places that people should know about!  Some of my interest in travel include resorts, spas, cruising, travel goods, cars, and great recipes for drinks and food that can made when traveling.

One of my favorite places is the west coast of Michigan.  I love all the small towns and of course the wonderful Lake Michigan.  Born and raised around Lake Erie I feel like a spokesperson for the Great Lakes.  Once people get to the Great Lakes they fall in love!

I love exploring places like a local and finding interesting things along the way.  My goal is to go to all the states before I am 40.  I have a couple years left and I think I will make it!  My travel companion is my husband and we like to travel with our dog if at all possible.  My hubby's site is Man Tripping all about mens travel and we also write a section about romantic travel on there.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or opportunities at {heather @}

Happy Travels!