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The Washington DC area consists of DC, parts of Maryland, and Virginia. Some people say that it is the Florence, Italy of the USA because it...

A Taste of Washington DC

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The Washington DC area consists of DC, parts of Maryland, and Virginia. Some people say that it is the Florence, Italy of the USA because it is so beautiful and there is no other city in the USA that compares in beauty. The area is a very diverse and you can find just about any store, restaurant, etc. from any country in the world represented here. It is a great place for a chick vacation because of the areas beauty and charm that will make you relax and enjoy the women that mean the most to you.

This itinerary will give you a little taste of the DC area and will make you want to come back to see more since you could live in DC for years and never see everything!

Day 1
Go to dinner at Old Ebbitt's Grill a great restaurant that many politicians, celebrities, and locals go to.
After dinner walk across the street to the white house and take a look at the beautiful home of our president.

Continue your walk and see all of the beautiful monuments and memorials such as Washington, WWII, Vietnam, Lincoln, and Korean War. The best time to see the monuments/memorials is at night when you can get all of the effects that the artist had in mind when they created it. If you still can walk head over to the tidal basin and see the FDR and Jefferson memorial to finish off the memorials on the part of town. If you are to tired wait till the next night to enjoy Dc's beautiful nights.

Day 2
Head over to the National Gallery of Art East Building for brunch. Brunch at the National Gallery of Art is a special experience because it is themed after whatever the main exhibit is that is going on.
After having a great brunch stroll outside to the national mall and see the US Capital Building and if you look the opposite way you can see the Washington Monument.

See some of the Smithsonian museums. Remember you can not do all of the them there are 19 museums and 9 research centers that are part of the Smithsonian.

Take the metro via the Foggy Bottom stop on the blue line to Georgetown for some exploration and some great shopping!

Head down to the Potomac River and take a water taxi to Old Town Alexandria, VA and enjoy the beautiful sites on the Potomac as you pass by Arlington, VA Reagan National Airport and into the harbor at Old Town Alexandria.

Take a stroll down King Street and explore the wonderful shops and history of our great country. Walk down some of the side streets and see some of the most beautiful townhomes in our country the date back to the 17th century.

For dinner try one of the many restaurants that appeal to your taste buds along King Street but make sure to stop for ice cream at Pop's before you head back to your hotel for the evening. This will surely be the best ice cream you have ever had.

You can take the water taxi back to Georgetown and see the beautiful lights of the monuments or you can take the metro back to your hotel.

Day 3
Rise and Shine only half a day left and you already want to come back I bet!
Head of to church at the National Cathedral or the National Basilica of The Shrine of The Immaculate Conception . Both churches are the most beautiful churches you will ever see.

For you last meal in DC you have to head off to Café Atlantico with your gals for a great Latin Brunch served like a traditional Chinese Family Style Brunch.

Now it is time for you to contact Chick Vacations to plan another weekend for the gals or for a longer trip back there possibly a week? DC will make you want to never leave.

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