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Holidays are right around the corner and if the woman you need a gift for loves to travel our gift guide is for you!  The gifts we have cho...

Gifts For The Women Traveler 2010

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Holidays are right around the corner and if the woman you need a gift for loves to travel our gift guide is for you!  The gifts we have chosen to be in our gift guide are gifts that make traveling easier, fun, and comfortable.
Getting on a flight?  Maybe a road trip?  If so the Soft Hugwear Deluxe Travel Essentials Set is a great gift for the woman traveler.  This set is so soft and comfy you will want to use it not just for travel but anywhere!  This set includes a neck pillow, earplugs, eye mask, and a 50" x 36" blanket.  It comes in tan, navy, and pink and is sold for $20 at Wal-Mart's nationwide.

Staying with the theme of comfort our next gift is probably the best pajamas you could give a women traveler.  Hotels, resorts, or even a relative's house might not be the right temperature you prefer to sleep in.  With this in mind Haralee came up with the perfect solution a wickaway fabric in which it transports the sweat from your body to the fabric where it quickly evaporates.  Designed for the Menopausal women in mind they have pj sets, night gowns, robes, and pillow sheet sets to make your sleep as comfortable as it can be.  Prices range from $47 on up and can be found on Haralee's website.
This next gift truly represents comfort and luxury and fits into a nice little pouch that can be thrown very easily into any suitcase.  The Extra Roomy Dreamsack is made of 100% pure silk and is perfect for trips in case your hotel room is not the cleanliest or you just want pure comfort.  It comes in sage and is 42" x 79" and also has a pouch for a pillow so you do not have to worry about bed bugs!  The Extra Roomy Dreamsack can be found at the Cleverly Gifted website and reatils for $75.
The perfect dress is our next pic for a great holiday gift.  When planning for a trip a woman thinks of clothes first.  She will wonder what she should pack and how much room will be left in her suitcase for anything she buys on the trip.  This is where the Versatile Dress by POUCH comes in.  Originally designed for pregnant women and their expanding baby bumps they found out that many non-pregnant women loved the dress as well and now have expanded their market to all women and are currently working at getting their new site up for all of us women but they also have a site currently for the mommies to be at .  This dress can be worn at least 7 different ways if not more and is sold in a variety of colors including black which is essential!  Prices start at $150 which seems expensive but really is not for all the different ways you can wear this dress and save money from not buying other dresses.
Another space saver gift is Bandals which is a sandal where you can change the band to match what you're wearing or if you just want something funky to wear with an outfit.  Bandals come in two styles Beach Bandals and Classic Casual Bandals.  The Price starts at $40 dollars with over 30 interchangeable bands starting at $15 and locations to purchase can be found at the Bandals website and is the perfect gift for that woman who lives in a nice sunny climate or likes to travel to one!
For the women who loves games and loves to hang with her chicks StoryClub Games announces their "Girl's Night Edition" that is sure to make a gal pal night the best ever.  This game is quite different than any we have seen out there.  It is reminiscent of a book club but you write an original story by choosing different cards that you have to incorporate into the story and it creates some hilarious moments.   You can find this wonderfully funny game at StoryClub Game's website for $32 dollars.
This next gift we think is a perfect gift to go along with a gift of a vacation.  Destination Dinners has destination recipe kits that include all the ingredients to have a dinner from that destination throughout the world.  For example let us say you wanted to surprise your friend with a gift to New Orleans but want her to unwrap something and also have something fun to get excited about the trip so you would get her a recipe kit to make "Creole Style Jambalaya" from New Orleans.  This will surely excite anyone and get them ready for their trip and excited for all the good food they will have on their trip.  The recipe kits start at $30 and can be purchased at

Any of these gifts are true pleasers for traveling women.  Keep checking this page frequently for add-ons because you never know if we might find something else wonderful to add to our list.  We will also be adding an article on "The Best Stocking Stuffers for Women" in the next couple of weeks!  Happy Holidays and of course feel free to contact us with any questions.

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