Sunday, March 15, 2009

Traveling With Your Dog

Many single women will say that the main reason they can not go on a vacation with their gal pals is because they can not find anyone to watch their dog. It is very difficult and these days expensive to put your dog in a kennel. Even if you find a kennel that is in your price range and you feel comfortable with them they may not have an opening when you need it.

If your gal pals do not mind you brining your dog along there are many places that are now allowing your dog to stay at their hotel, beach, and even some bed and breakfasts you just have to some research or have us at Chick Vacations do it for you!

Pet Friendly Travel is one of the best websites to find out where you can take your dog with you when you go vacation. On this website you can find hotels, restaurants, dog beaches, shopping malls, campgrounds, attractions, and airlines that allow dogs. Beware that many hotels say they allow dogs but do not allow you to leave your dog in the room alone. One hotel group that can be pricey but has great packages not only for you but for your dog is Kimpton Hotels . They believe “that leaving your special friend behind would be unthinkable, so bring your pet with you”. Kimpton Hotels offer dog food, pet walking, and even chew toys.

According to MSNBC the top ten dog friendliest cities are:
1. San Diego, CA
2. Long Beach, CA
3. Carmel, CA
4. Portland, OR
5. Seattle, WA
6. Chicago, IL
7. New York, NY
8. Orlando, FL
9. Colorado Springs, CO
10. Austin, TX

Taking your dog with you on a chick vacation can be blast for you and your friends. Just make sure you know the rules in the places you are traveling to first so that you will not run into any inconveniences.

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