Sunday, March 15, 2009

Travel The USA!

Chick Vacations is proud to be advocates of women traveling within the United States. Traveling to other countries can be a great experience and all, but there is so much to do and see right here in the USA. Plus, with the decline in the dollar compared to the Euro and other currencies your money will go further spending it right here in the United States.

We have rainforests, beautiful national parks, diverse landscapes, great people, and most of all you do not have to worry about the hassles of going to another country such as a passport, expensive airfare, and International security issues. Plus, when you travel in the United States, you are spending your money domestically and helping American businesses. Also, when compared to travel in Europe and other places, your dollars will go farther.

That isn't to say that traveling to Rome or London, or Paris wouldn't be a blast too, but you should also remember that you can get some great experiences right here at home too. Beside, part of the reason you are taking a girls weekend or a longer trip is to spend time with your friends or even just being alone with yourself. It does not matter how close you are from home it should be about the relaxation time, great conversation, and fun times that makes women only travel a great idea.

I encourage you to look around where you live, I bet there are areas only an hour away that you have never been to. All accross this country, there are things right there in your backyard that have stuff you are interest in.

If you would like us to help you in your search for a great travel experience, send us an email. We can help you plan your next chick vacation. Or if you have a great story from a recent trip that you and your friends took, share that with us too and we'll add it to our Vacation Stories section.

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