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Showboat Casino and Hotel has a lot to offer anyone planning a “chick vacation”. I have heard many rumors about how dumpy hotels and casin...

Showboat Casino and Hotel - Atlantic City

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Showboat Casino and Hotel has a lot to offer anyone planning a “chick vacation”. I have heard many rumors about how dumpy hotels and casinos were in Atlantic City but this was not the case with Showboat.

The room that I stayed in was located in the Bourbon Tower which was recently remodeled within the past few years. I had a King room with a comfy chair, a couch, and a coffee table. The room also had a desk and a dresser with a flat screen HDTV above it. Needless to say I was shocked with all the space in the room. I did not have the best view of the ocean but I could see it if I went to the corner of my room.

The one thing I loved about this room were the curtains and drapes. They fit the rooms’ décor very nicely and did not let any light in when you closed them. The other great thing in this room was the bathroom. The bathroom had granite countertops and TWO sinks! As women we know the importance of having two sinks to get ready at. The bathtub was average but I loved the fact that they installed a new shower curtain rod that bows out so you do not bump the curtain while you are trying to get clean.

I would highly recommend this room to anyone looking to go to Atlantic City and have a good time and have a clean spacious room to lay your head down in.

The other room I saw was the House of Blues Suites which were beyond fabulous! The suites are decorated just like the House of Blues Foundation Room very chic, and comfortable. Walking into the suite I looked to my left in which the two beds were up a couple of steps overlooking the couch and TV area. There was also a sound system in the room which made it seem very hip rockish for the House of Blues. The bathrooms were incredible. The mirror and vanity were not behind a door but on one side of the mirror was a door with a shower that could fit 4-6 people, it was so huge! It also had various jets. The toilet was also behind the door on the other side of the vanity.

If you are planning a vacation with the gals this suite would be perfect…..lots of room to spread out, easy elevator down from room to the House of Blues to see a concert. If you have a lot of people get two suites that connect and then have a real party. You also never know who you will see in your hallway. The band you are going to see that night might be rooming right across the hallway from you. Maybe you could even join their after party. LOL!

Showboat should definitely be on the top of your list if you are planning a trip to Atlantic City. You can get a great room with a view of the ocean; see your favorite rock star and party like one with the gals who mean the most to you!

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