Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scrapbooking Weekends: Yay or Nay?

Many women love to scrapbook and the idea of being with their closest friends on a girls weekend full of scrapbooking could be great right? Well, it is a great idea if everyone wants to do that but not everybody wants to spend every waking moment scrapbooking.

Make sure that when considering a scrapbooking weekend that you take many different things into considerations. First and foremost can you and your friends really handle a whole weekend of non-stop scrapbooking? If not really consider the location in which you are thinking about going. Are there different activities in the area that are of interest to all of the people going with you? While there are some great getaways for intense scrapbooking weekends check these two ideas out!

Big City: Organize one scrapbooking project to take with you to keep down on the bulk. Reserve a suite that will give you and girlfriends table room and room to spread yourselves out. Plan a certain time of day that you want to scrapbook so you can accomplish your project but plan activities that you and your friends have wanted to do in that city during your time in between scrapbooking. Maybe going to a musical or finding that great scrapbooking store you have heard rave reviews about.

Small Town Rental: You can rent a house for a weekend or a week at pretty reasonable rates these days. This will give you all the room to stretch out that you will need. There are pleanty of small towns where you could be on a lake and have the cute downtown to do shopping, eating, outdoor sports, spas, and maybe some small local museums and still have time to do your scrapbooking project to fulfill your addiction!

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