Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chick Getaway At Home

Sometimes it can be hard to go away from home with kids, pets, and a husband, boyrfriend or significant other at home. Especially considering that everyone seems to need your attention at all times! Many women I talk with say that they feel a little anxious about leaving them alone for the first time, so why not try a girls weekend at a friend's house for the first time so you can see the world does not explode when you are gone. Get your girlfriends ready for a great weekend by choosing someone's house that can easily get the kids, husband, pets out of there so you can have a blast. Here are some ideas for having a girl's weekend at home.

Make it like a Slumber Party.

Remember when you had friends over as a kid and how much fun it was? Great food and fun with your friends? You still can! After all, it is your weekend, so ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough and chips and dip for everyone!

Spa Night.

Have everyone choose what kind of spa treatment they will be responsible for doing and have fun exchanging spa services. You could do manicures, pedicures, facial masks, shoulder massage, hair treatments, and whatever talent your gals might have.

Movie Time.

Rent or pull out some of those great movies that you haven't seen in awhile that you know everyone will love. Get some popcorn with different flavorings so that people can make what ever type of popcorn they like.

Wine Tasting.

Have everyone bring a bottle of their favorite wine or you can do reds or whites only and have people vote on which ones they like and do not like. The perfect cover for the bottles can be long tube socks or brown paper lunch sacks. Everyone should get a piece of paper and pen to mark down different things about each wine.

Crafts and Scrapbooking.

Maybe you and your gals are scrap bookers or maybe you gals are into making custom jewelry. Leave some time to do something fun that brings out your creative side.


Everyone has a specialty recipe. Have each gal assigned to a meal to make their favorite recipe and then exchange recipes of what you made for your weekend.

Story Time.

Telling stories of great times shared always can get you laughing so hard that you are giving yourself an ab workout or crying in joy knoing why these gals mean so much to you.
and above ALL!

Have FUN on your Girls Getaway at Home!

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