Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sandboarding: The Spring Beach Adventure

Did you miss out on that snowboarding vacation that you and your fellow chicks wanted to do? Well spring is here and summer is coming soon, so snowboarding is out of the question for a few months, but what about having a sandboarding vacation?

Sandboarding is a lot like snowboarding but instead of snow you are going down beautiful sand dunes.
You can find sandboarding spots thought the United States in desert areas or in coastal areas. You can even go sandboarding in areas like the West Coast of Michigan, or Indiana Dunes State Park!

A sandboard is a lot heavier then a snowboard and it is waxed on the bottom to give you a nice sleek ride. You can get a sandboard with or without bindings but with binding is the optimal way since it is much safer. The one thing that will have you doing more work will be walking back up the dune since there is no lifts like in snowboarding. Some sandboarding areas have dunebuggys that will take you back up to the top though.

You and your gal pals could do a great chick vacation by looking up where to go for sandboarding and enjoy the sun, beach, and warmer temperatures. Sandboarding has a huge advantage over snowboarding because you can participate in this sport year round compared to snowboarding. You will also feel the flying in air experience sandboarders talk about.

California has the most sandboarding areas but many other states have sandboarding including, Michigan, Oregon, Colorado, and Florida. Give us a call or email and we'll help you plan your sandboarding vacation. What else could you want, a beach vacation with some adventure!

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