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The Lake Erie Islands between Cleveland and Toledo in Lake Erie are quite the summer getaways. The islands are South Bass Island, Middle Bas...

Lake Erie Islands

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The Lake Erie Islands between Cleveland and Toledo in Lake Erie are quite the summer getaways. The islands are South Bass Island, Middle Bass Island, and Kelleys Island. You can get to these islands by ferry in Sandusky, OH home of Cedar Point Amusement Park, Marblehead, and Port Clinton. There are two popular ferry companies are the jet express and the miller boat company

South Bass Island also known as Put-in-Bay also known as the "Key West of The North" is a very vibrant island that has over 1.4 million visitors each year. The island is full of beautiful Victorian homes, the nation's third tallest monument, caves, great places to shop, eat, and drink. Put-in-Bay even though they want people to know they have many family activities is known to many people as the place to party and have a great time. Many of the boaters on Lake Erie will do trips to Put-in-Bay where you will see boats connected one after another to each other. They have many house rentals to stay in as well as two campgrounds, and a couple hotels. You will definitely have a time that will not be forgotten. Make sure you do not miss Pat Dailey known in Put-in-Bay as a great entertainer where he sings songs about the water and the great Lake Erie!

Middle Bass Island is where you will find ultimate relaxation with the nature around you. Many people choose to stay on Middle Bass Island then Put-in-Bay because of the quieter atmosphere and then want they want a little more wildness they will take one of the ferry's back to Put-in-Bay. The island was known for the winery located on it. The Lonz Winery was bought by the Ohio State Parks and now part of the Ohio State Park System which you can by boat you can see the building known as the "castle" the best. If you are looking for a great resort then St. Hazards is the place for you. They have so much going on at this resort that you really do not have a reason to leave Middle Bass Island. To create this great resort in the Erie Islands they spent more then 5 years in the Caribbean looking at art and such to bring back to Middle Bass Island to create that Caribbean feeling. JF Walleyes also has many events throughout the summer like their clam bake, grape stomp, and their chili cook off.

Kelleys Island the largest of the three islands and was created like the other two islands by the huge glaciers that were present in this area centuries ago. Many people think of Kelleys Island has a family spot. It is not as crowded as Putt-in-Bay and has a cute downtown area with a few restaurants and shops where you can bike, walk, or drive to. The Kelleys Island Ferry Boat Line is great to take to the island since it allows you to take you car on board. Some activities that Kelley's island has in the summer are Islandfest in late July which is a celebration of the island with dancing, music, food, beer and fireworks. The Kelley Miller Circus in early August and the Kelleys Island Outdoor Film Festival in Early August which is free. Kelley's Island is also known to be a great place to bird watch.

The Lake Erie Islands are lots of fun and it can be pretty economical if you are on a budget and looking for some island flare. Camping is offered on the islands and on the mainland of course near Cedar Point the best Amusement Park on Earth!

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