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Being on the other side of the country from all your family can be rough during the holidays.  This year I wanted to do something fun...

Thanksgiving In Vegas

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Being on the other side of the country from all your family can be rough during the holidays.  This year I wanted to do something fun and different so James and I along with our doggy Niki went to Las Vegas.  Las Vegas is only a 5 hour drive from San Diego so it can make a nice quick getaway.
One thing we really wanted to do in Las Vegas which we never get to do when we are there is relax! When we go to Vegas it is always intense checking out new places or going to conferences that we never get to enjoy a nice room.  This time we were very lucky that the Delano hosted us so we could relax and enjoy.  Delano is on the south end of the strip and is part of the Mandalay Bay resort owned by MGM.  Delano is an all suite hotel that is dog friendly.  Niki loved the room since she had huge windows to look out of.

The first night we went to Libertine Social Club located in the Mandalay Bay restaurant row area. Libertine has very innovative food with lots of shareable dishes and amazing cocktails.  The decor matches the fun food and drink vibe.  I recommend trying a swizzle drink!

That night we actually laid in bed and enjoyed a movie.  Never have I ever been able to do this in Vegas but we did and loved just chilling.

The next day was Thanksgiving and we enjoyed laying in bed watching the Macy's parade in bed. We decided we wanted to go and explore The Park which is a new park area with restaurants, trees, and art in between New York New York and Monte Carlo.  We took Niki along with us in her stroller and everyone wanted to pet her and of course she loved it!  We went to Shake Shack for lunch because I had heard for years from people in New York that their burgers were amazing.  I would have to say that they were pretty good but my favorite thing was their milkshake.  I love a good milkshake!

 We went back to the Delano and ordered Niki a meal from their dog menu through room service.  Niki enjoyed the meal and then stretched out just like everyone on Thanksgiving after a big meal.

That night we went over to Yardbird at the Venetian for our Thanksgiving dinner and it did not disappoint!  I had their famous fried chicken which really did melt in my mouth!  We walked out of there wanting to stretch out like Niki did a couple hours before.

Our last day in Vegas instead of partaking in all the Black Friday shopping I went to the Bathhouse Spa in the Delano for more relaxation.  Many people think that spas are out of the budget but most offer a day pass where you do not get any treatments but you can enjoy their hot tubs, pools, saunas, and relaxation rooms for prices as low as $30 a day.  I went for this option and enjoyed relaxing with cucumbers over my eyes while a drank the most yummy juice laying by the large spa.  The showers are also very nice at the spa and you get to use their bath amenities which are amazing and of course you can also purchase them out in the spa shop.

Needless to say this trip was all about us relaxing and not doing to much but most importantly being the small family of three and enjoying each other which is what Thanksgiving is all about right?

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