Sunday, August 24, 2014

10 Travel Ideas For A Girls Weekend

Don't know what to do on your girls weekend? Here are some ideas that might give you some inspiration!

1.  The big city!  Pick a city even one close to you and enjoy all the things the city has to offer.
2.  Be a beach bum!  Take your gals to the beach for the weekend and enjoy some rays.
3.  Go camping!  Choose a state park or a national park that has all of that everyone agrees on and make it the time of your life.
4.  Stay at home!  Theme your home as a destination and have things to do that go with your theme that way you really feel like you are away.
5.  Do a road trip.  Pull out the convertible and be Thelma and Louise or rent one!
6.  Wine time.  Pick one of the many wine trails around the USA near you and take your time trying wine!
7.  Go on a cruise.  Many of the major cruise lines have three and two day weekend cruises that usually have excellent rates!
8.  Spa Relaxation.  There are many resorts that offer great spa amenities where you can unwind for an entire weekend.
9.  Beer me!  Tons of microbreweries are popping up all over the country that you can enjoy if wine is not your thing.
10.  Go back in time!  Go to your old college and reminisce about the good old days and go to all your old hang outs.

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