Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Destinations From megabus

Chick Vacations has discussed megabus before and how great it is because the fares start at $1 for one way travel on their nice busses.

Since the last article we wrote megabus now has a Northeast Service. The cities in the Northeat Mega Bus goes to are Toronto, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Atlantic City, New York, and Boston.
With the price of gas megabus is really a smart option. DO REMEMBER when booking that megabus only has a few seats at $1. The more full the bus becomes the more money you will pay if you are one of the last ones to make a reservation. The key is to know when you are planing to take a trip and book early.

If you are planning your chick Vacation this is a great way to go and not spend as much money. If you need help planning your gal pal weekend remember to contact us for any help you may need.

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