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Whether you are going on a long trip with your gal pals or doing a "staycation" at home, games can always fill in the extra time a...

Games For Your Girls Weekend

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Whether you are going on a long trip with your gal pals or doing a "staycation" at home, games can always fill in the extra time and leave you with lasting memories.

Games have evolved a lot since you played Monopoly or Life. Many games these days involve you telling others your ideas, passions, and secrets. That makes many of these games perfect for your "chick vacation."

Box of Questions
The Box Girls have created so many different box of questions for you and your gal pals to enjoy. Two great boxes they have for women are the "Girls Night Out," and the "Girlfriends" box of questions. These two boxes will have you laughing all day and night. With questions like "If you could trade one body part with someone in the room, what would it be and with whom." These great sets of cards are $19.99. They just launched their mini set which is $6.95and easy to travel with. These sets of cards are a perfect way to get to know a person better as well if you have a newbie on your girls' weekend.

Wine Party
This kit allows you to have the best wine parties yet! It includes funky wine wrappers so you can not tell which wine is which. It also includes a wine pad so people can jot down stuff about each wine, 36 stem tags to help people identify which glass is theirs, and it also includes an aroma and taste guide so you can learn how to judge what wine is which by its smell and flavor. The best part of this kit besides its $24.95 price is its tip guide that includes some great ideas for a wine party.

Cowgirl Travel Game
Get the girls ready for this great game in the car on the way to your destination or in your hotel room at night. With 200 questions you and your gal pals could play this forever. One thing is sure through is that you will enjoy the conversation that you will have through this game. You can buy this game at for $18.00 along with many other quirky gifts for your fellow chicks!

Living Life Game
This game is a bit different because it is not meant to be played for hours but over a period of time. The concept of this game is to make your life great now and live it to the fullest. Each person on your girl trip could get one card to complete within the next few weeks or months and then everyone can gather back together to report on how they did. For example one of the questions makes you jot down 5 names of people you have not talked with in awhile and want to reconnect with. It then makes you try to reconnect with at least two of them. It truly is a life changing game that is unique and could better your spirit. You can buy this unique game for $24.00 and find out more details on the history of this game at the Living Life Game Web Site .

Chocolate Smarts
This game gets into everything glorious about chocolate. Some questions ask you "Who created chocolate?" or they get deeper with "Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac?" The deck of 60 cards also gives you tips on how to eat, store, and bake with chocolate. It also gives you places you can visit for that great weekend that revolves around chocolate! This game is $16.95 and is part of a series of different card games such as cocktail smarts, coffee smarts, beer smarts, gourmet smarts, and even sex smarts. Buy a couple different packs of cards and let your gals decide which one they want to play or go theme oriented for whatever trip you are making.

This game is full of humor and mystery. There are a total of 162 cards and they ask different questions like "what is something you hope people will never find out about you?" After everyone writes down their answers each person has to figure out who wrote what. This is the perfect game to see which chick in your group knows the most about everyone. It is $30.00 on
You have now seen different types of games that you can take with you on your "chick vacation." You can buy some of these games that interest you or if you are the creative type you could make up your own game that can bring bonding together and lots of excitement.
If any of you have a game you think is great for a "chick vacation" send us a description of your game and why you liked it and we will post it on our web site to share with all the other women out there looking for a great game.

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