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The Chicago Auto Show is one of the best if not the best auto show around. If you are a car enthusiast, looking for a new car, or just wan...

Chicago Auto Show 2011

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The Chicago Auto Show is one of the best if not the best auto show around. If you are a car enthusiast, looking for a new car, or just want something to do in this cold weather you could spend your whole day here dreaming of good warm thoughts of summer road trips!

This year’s car show has many more experiences then previous years. You can ride in the new Chevy Volt, hop in a Jeep and go for the ride in their challenge course, and try Toyota’s challenge course. You can also test drive the new Kia Optima on Michigan Ave!

With so much to do in Chicago from plays, great food, wonderful shopping, and relaxing spas why not make your girl’s getaway to the Windy City for the auto show and more!

The bests of the show according to Chick Vacations:

Best New Convertible:Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet

Talk about great style, lot of space, and tons of fun! This car is amazing! Four women of any heights and sizes will feel comfortable in the front or backseat of this vehicle. The leg room in the back is the most we have ever seen in a convertible. This is the best road trip car out there. Way to go Nissan!

Best Everyday Sedan: Kia Optima

Not really knowing anything about Kia’s we decided to check them out and the road test really gave us a new opinion of Kia. The Optima has lots of room and can come with a premium package that not only includes “butt warmers” and “butt air-conditioners” for the front passengers but also for those backseat drivers. The truck space was absolutely enormous. We drove the Turbo engine one and while we did not really get to see the full power of the vehicle it drove beautifully and it felt great.

Best SUV: Chevy Traverse

The Chevy Traverse has seating for 7 people and does not feel as big as it is. It really is a great SUV that can be great for women who has lots of children or lots of gal pals to get away with. If you do have kids and are looking for something that is not a minivan and has a little bit of edge you should check it out!

Best Eco Friendly Car: Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is 100% electric and you can drive around 130 miles on one charge so this makes it a perfect car for short trips. Having been able to sit in the car and see if it was really comfortable we can tell you it was very comfortable. We were very surprised at how much space there was in the front and back seats for all sizes of people. The trunk also had quite a bit of space. We really liked the Leaf compared to other Eco cars mainly because we could get in it easily in the front seat and in the backseat which could not be done in other Eco cars like Volt. Another cool fact about this car is that the seat fabric is made of plastic bottles and it is amazing at how soft it was.

Sexiest Car on the Planet: Infiniti Essence

While this may be a concept hybrid car we hope it makes it to production because it is beautiful! The styling is so sleek. We wish we could have gotten to go inside and tell you more about it but all we can say is wow!
One trend we noticed and did not like was that some cars leg room or head room space has become more crowded. One of such vehicles the Chevy Equinox which was known for having great rear leg room now only has good leg room. If you love the Dodge Caliber you will be disappointed if you are over 5’5 because the head room has gone down tremendously for a more tilted windshield.

The funny strange thing we noticed was that usually the bigger the vehicle the less leg room the vehicle had and the smaller the vehicle the more leg room and even head room the vehicle had. Not sure how this happened but if you go to the auto show try out a Mini Cooper and then go try a vehicle like the VJ Cruiser from Toyota and then you tell us.

We also have concluded that the car manufacturer that really understands people is Nissan. Their unique styling really does win you over in their vehicles along with their consideration for space. We can honestly say that we walked past many vehicles because they looked boring and were not “brining it.” Hopefully some car manufactures read this and take some helpful suggestion. The Chicago Auto Show’s dates are February 11th-20th.

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