Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wanna Be A Cowgirl?

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a cowgirl? Wicked R Western Productions Inc. can help you find out!They run a women's ranch retreat a few times a year, complete with all the traditional cattle roping, horse riding fun you would expect from a dude (or is that dudette) ranch, plus a few special features just for us women.

Wicked R Western Productions's have different retreats starting at 9am Saturdays until Sundays at 4pm. Their concept is if you ever wanted to be a cowgirl then they will give you the chance to experience a taste of what it would be like. You might actually know the family that owns Wicked R Western Productions Inc. they were on the television show Wife Swap. You might also think that this trip would be somewhere out west but it is in Wyoming. Yes that is right Wyoming, Delaware not your typical place for having a cowgirl weekend I know but why not? It definitely makes their weekend retreat more accessible for those city dwellers around Philly, New York, Baltimore, and DC to experience something they might not have a chance to otherwise.

Some skills you will learn while on your women's retreat are cattle sorting, cattle round-up, barrel racing, pole bending, bareback riding, roping, and an intro to bull riding. They say that you do not have to be a great horseback rider to come because they have horses that they will match up with your level. After you do a trailride on your horse you will then be pampered to a professional body massage. You will also have 4 meals and snacks that are prepared by a chef and served by cowboys! They even have a cowboy that sings at night under the stars to make you feel like you are in Texas.

The price is $250 for the two days and one night with sleeping in a rustic bunk house with twelve other ladies. If you and your fellow chicks have the want to be a cowgirl this adventure weekend sounds like it could be a blast. On your last day before you leave you will even have a rodeo competition where your family can come and watch you compete and see all that you learned those two days. The winner will receive the coveted All Around Cowgirl Buckle. As they say you will be a cowgirl empowered.

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