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National Girlfriends Day is August 1 st which lands on a Friday so there are no excuses not to do something with the gals you enjoy most in...

Ideas For National Girlfriends Day August 1st

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National Girlfriends Day is August 1st which lands on a Friday so there are no excuses not to do something with the gals you enjoy most in your life. Here are 9 ideas that you might want to consider for next week!

1. Take a day off of work and spend the day at the beach relaxing in the sun!

  • Bring music, food, magazines, and catch up on the latest gossip while catching some vitamin D.
2. Plan a "slumber party" for you and your friends.
  • Remember slumber parties as a kid? No one says you can not have one now! You can have everyone bring a snack or stuff to make their favorite drink. You can watch movies, have mani/pedis. The sky is the limit!
3. Go to a restaurant you and your friends love.
  • Have you not had the time or the cash to go to that great restaurant you and your friend love? Go and make the reservations let yourself take the time you need for yourself!
4. Play dress up and go out on the town!
  • Go out to dancing, sightseeing, dinner, whatever all dressed up in a theme or just high fashion. Have fun with it!
5. If you have daughters do a mom and daughter night with your friends.
  • The best thing women with girls can do is teach them the greatness of having close friends and how to be a great woman and have fun.
6. Go for a day road trip.
  • Yes, I know gas prices are high but go for a day trip down the road and enjoy.
7. Relax and Rejuvenate.
  • Make a day of getting pampered at the salon, spa, wherever!
8. Do something you have talked about but have never done!
  • We all have things we have talked about doing with our friends but have never done. Take this day to actually do what you have talked about for so long.
9. If you can not be there let your gals know you care.
  • Send a card by email or snail mail. Maybe some flowers, candy or something hilarious to make them smile and know you care about them!

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