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While some of us consider a vacation time away from exercising and staying fit, there are many people who consider staying fit all the time ...

11 Creative Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation

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While some of us consider a vacation time away from exercising and staying fit, there are many people who consider staying fit all the time very important and need help with ideas while vacationing. Our fitness and adventure chick Bianca lists 11 great way to keep fit while on vacation.

1. Plan an Active Vacation Be sure to have some goals and plans on how youʼll continue to be active during vacation every day. Focus on living an active vibrant life.
2. Sign up for a Race! Check on-line for races in that area and sign up. Weekend races and holiday races are especially fun as well as adventure races. Grab some friends and sign up for the Muddy Buddy Race or an adventure race. Youʼll have no excuses once youʼre signed up.
3. Strategize Your Eating and Pack Your Own Snacks Realistic portions, drinking water, eating unprocessed foods (nuts/fruits/veggies) throughout the day can leave some room for an indulgence later such as a local favorite cuisine and a delicious dessert or a few margaritas.
4. Pack those Workout Clothes Bring clothes you feel good in and bring a variety for all conditions and activity preferences you have.
5. Active Tours Sign up for candlelight walking tours, corn mazes, kayaking/canoeing/rafting tours, biking tours, horseback riding, walking ghost tours, historical tours, wine tours and Irish pub tours on foot. Be creative and make your own tour.
6. Local and National Parks Check out botanical gardens, seasonal displays, arboretums and Japanese gardens. Plan an active vacation at a National Park in another state. There are some serious hikes you can partake in. Plan on what sites you want to see ahead of time.
7. Zoos, Shopping and Convention Centers Appreciate seeing wildlife while you walk. Check out antique stores, outdoor shops convention center events and the local outfitters. Bring that healthy snack and water!
8. Bring Your Toys! You can always bring a basketball, bike, tennis racquets, Frisbee, soccer ball or weights and resistance bands.
9. DVD, On-Line Videoʼs or Fitness/Health Magazine Is it raining? Need some motivation or a friend to work out with? Bring a fitness DVD or magazine with you. Check one out from your local library or video store.
10. Local Gyms and Recreation Centers Call ahead and explain that you just visiting, but want to stay active. You may be able to workout for free or a small fee. Bring some music to pump up your workout.
11. Get out and Use your Speed Go to a hill or street and either walk/run as fast as you can to a landmark you see ahead. Rest until you reach the next landmark or wait 30 sec. and go again. Stop signs and trees work great. Make a goal as to how many sprints youʼll complete before you end your session.

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